One Young World Summit 2019 London

Venue : Britain・London

The international summit for youth “One Young World Summit (OYW) 2019: The Global Forum for Young Leaders” was held from October 22 to 25 in London, the United Kingdom. Mr. MATSUMOTO Sota (3rd year, Faculty of Law) and Mr. KISYABA Tomoki (1st year, Medical School) from Okayama University participated in the event as members of the Japan team. Prior to the summit, a send-off party for the Japan team was held on September 18 at JT Art Hall Affinis located in JT’s Headquarter in Tokyo. On October 22, the opening ceremony of the summit was held in Royal Albert Hall in London. Attendees included Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and Mayor Sadiq Khan of London (the first Muslim Mayor of London). With the proactive involvement of the British Royal Family, the welcome event was held as a national commitment. Mr. Matsumoto and Mr. Kisyaba participated in the plenary sessions, workshops and networking sessions, among other events. Under the framework of the SDGs, they took part in the discussions on a wide variety of topics, including climate change, war and peace, education, human rights, leadership and global business.

次世代リーダー・グローバルサミットOne Young World 2019

次世代リーダー・グローバルサミットOne Young World 2019

Scene of the day

Two Okayama University students attend the One Young World Summit 2019 as representatives of Japan.

Scene of the campus debriefing session

A briefing session was held at the World Youth Summit 2019 London Conference in Executive Director, President.

Send-off party

A student representative of our university attended a send-off party for the Japanese delegation to the World Youth Summit 2019.

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Message from Yuriko Koike, Governor of Tokyo

Mr. Kishaba’s appearance on stage(From approximately 1’30”)

Impact Report

The Impact Report from the One Young World 2019 London summit has been released.


As it was often said, One Young World was life-changing experience, inspiring and motivating me through the meeting with people from different country with totally different experience. It makes us realize that we are not alone and there is nothing we cannot overcome if we cooperate together.
By directly hearing from the person, I was shocked and inspired at the same time. Before I attended OYW, I've never imagined that I would happen to eat dinner together with the person who has defected from North Korea and becomes best friend with him. It is miracle that OYW brought us together. I'll never forget his story about the defect, and it will motivate and inspire for the rest of my life. Through OYW, I've managed to understand the world issues not only from television or word level but also from the human-level. I knew about North Korea situation only from the media, however by meeting him, I realized it is real and impeding that we need to solve as soon as possible. OYW didn't tell me that these world problems are easy to be approached. However it did tell me that we are not alone and together nothing is impossible to overcome and change. Also it told me what required is passion. It was definitely one of the greatest opportunities in my life, widening my perspectives and worlds. If you are interested in global community, I strongly recommend you to apply because it will surely show you what it looks like, where everyone is sharing their passions regardless their nationalities, cultures and religions for peace and justice.
1st year of the School of Medicine
(At the 2019 Summit)
Tomoki Kishaba

Medical School, first year(When participated in the 2019 summit) Tomoki Kishaba

One Young World is the global forum for young leaders who are trying to or already making positive impacts on the world. Poverty, discrimination, climate change… although we know these global issues have to be solved, we usually do not get involved in taking actions.
At OYW, however, you will meet many young leaders who tell you these issues are actually happening at serious level and already start acting towards “the better world”. Motivating each other with those passionate young leaders makes you notice that there is “what you can do” or even “what only you can do” for the world.
It is incredibly an inspiring experience to realise what is going on in this planet and what can be done from people who actually have been through serious situations. You might feel it is hard to be part of the wave because you do not have serious experiences like them. However, wherever you are, however your situation is, there is always something you can do for the world, for the future. You can be part of the global shaping leaders by taking actions. It can be very small things for your community.
OYW is a truly life-changing experience. It is your first “action” to get involved in this fantastic global network.
3rd year of the Faculty of Law
(At the 2019 Summit)
Sota Matsumoto

Faculty of Law, third year(When participated in the 2019 summit) Sota Matsumoto