One Young World Summit 2017 Bogotá

Venue : Columbia・Bogotá

Okayama University student Saki Takatori, a fourth-year education major and Ai Kiriake, a third-year law major, participated in the global youth summit One Young World (OYW) as members of Japan’s delegation. The conference was held from October 4 to 7 in Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, South America.

Scene of the day

Two Okayama University students attend the One Young World Summit 2017 as representatives of Japan.

Scene of the campus debriefing session

A briefing session was held at the World Youth Summit 2017 Bogotá Conference in Executive Director, President.

Send-off party

A student representative of our university attended a send-off party for the Japanese delegation to the World Youth Summit 2017.


At OYW, as well as listening to the speeches of Nobel Peace Prize recipients and young global leaders involved in innovative efforts for global issues, you can also directly communicate with them. You can also experience the moment when the world overcomes borders and becomes one. The OYW experience will reshape your values and be used as an important asset in your life. Grab this rare chance that is only available to students at Okayama University.

Faculty of Education, fourth year(When participated in the 2017 summit) Saki Takatori

As per its name, at One Young World you can experience how the world is trying to move as one toward a better future through young people like us. As a Japanese, and as a citizen of the world, what can we do for the future? OYW will give you inspiration and courage in response to this question. If you’re hesitating even just a bit about applying, you should definitely take that step forward.

Faculty of Law, third year(When participated in the 2017 summit) Ai Kiriake