One Young World Summit 2018 Hague

Venue : Kingdom of the Netherlands・Hague

Ms. Wakana Abe, a senior in the Faculty of Letters and Ms. Hiromi Ouchida, a senior in the Matching Program (MP) Course attended the One Young World (OYW) 2018, which was held in The Hague, the Netherlands from October 17 to 20, as Japanese delegation members.
During the summit, Ms. Abe and Ms. Ouchida participated in various events, including plenary sessions, workshops and networking events, and discussed various topics within the framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, including climate change, war and peace, education, human rights, leadership and global business.

Scene of the day

Two Okayama University students attend the One Young World Summit 2018 as representatives of Japan.

Scene of the campus debriefing session

A briefing session was held at the World Youth Summit 2018 Hague Conference in Executive Director, President.

Send-off party

A student representative of our university attended a send-off party for the Japanese delegation to the World Youth Summit 2018.


People who passionately want to make the world a better place and are actually taking action convene at OYW. There are many issues in the world that need to be solved, and the summit is an important chance for you to realize the things that only you can do and what kind of action you shall take. You can gain so much inspiration by interacting with the diverse participants and listening to the speeches of well-known figures. Okayama University is the only university sponsor in Japan with participation slots for OYW. This might be a once-in-a-lifetime chance for Okayama University students, so make sure to use this opportunity to connect to your future.

Faculty of Letters, fourth year(When participated in the 2018 summit) Wakana Abe

OYW is a huge summit with approximately 1,800 young people from 196 countries around the world who are passionate about solving social issues. The participants have different cultural background and expertise, but everyone approaches the summit with an attitude of learning from each other. I strongly felt that participating in the summit wasn’t the end goal, but rather that I had to keep moving forward using the new ideas, inspiration and friends that I gained there. Everyone should definitely give the summit a try!

Matching Program course, fourth year(When participated in the 2018 summit) Hiromi Ouchida