One Young World Summit 2015 Bangkok

Venue : Kingdom of Thailand・Bangkok

The international summit for youth “One Young World Summit (OYW) 2015: The Global Forum for Young Leaders” was held from November 18 to 21 in Bangkok, Thailand. Mr. HARADA Ko (6th year, Medical School) and Mr. KUWADA Kazunori (4th year, Faculty of Letters) from Okayama University participated in the event as members of the Japan team.




Scene of the campus debriefing session

A briefing session was held at the World Youth Summit 2015 London Conference in Executive Director, President.


Find the inspiration to change your life. The appeal of OYW is the stimulating speeches by global leaders. You can experience the surprise and pleasure of having conventional common sense and stereotypes broken down. Participating in OYW will definitely make you think, “I can do something too.” That will become an action to change the world. I highly recommend that you gain life-changing inspiration at OYW.

Faculty of Letters, fourth year(When participated in the 2015 summit) Kazunori Kuwada

The biggest attraction of the One Young World Summit is that you can meet the most interesting people in the world in such a short period of time. It’s a summit where you can be inspired by them and change yourself. However, you won’t understand the appeal until you actually participate. Filling out the application documents may be bothersome, but for those of you who have a chance to participate in OYW, I want you to trust me and apply for it!

Medical School, sixth year(When participated in the 2015 summit) Ko Harada