One Young World Summit 2023 Belfast

Venue : Northern Ireland・Belfast

From October 2 to 5, Okayama University sent two students, Ms. NUNO Kokoro (a third-year student of the Discovery Program for Global Learners) and Ms. Akramjonova Dilyorakhon Azizbek Kizi (a first-year student of the Discovery Program for Global Learners), to attend One Young World 2023, a global summit for future leaders, in Belfast, Northern Ireland as part of the delegation from Japan.
This year, as part of the “Okayama Dream Education Initiative” in collaboration with the Okayama Prefectural Board of Education and Okayama University, Ms. WAKAMATSU Maya, a representative of prefectural high school students, was dispatched from Okayama Prefecture for the first time to participate in the summit together with members attended from Okayama University.


Opening Ceremony

With other Young Leaders at Networking Session

Okayama University Students and Okayama Prefecture High School Delegate Ms. Wakamatsu were featured on OYW official SNS


(From the left) Ms. Akramjonova、Vice President Yokoi、Ms. Nuno




One Young World is a group of people taking action to solve global problems such as climate change and conflict with a sense of ownership. At the Summit, I actively participated in dialogue with world leaders and met young people who have experienced refugee situations in conflict zones and young people who are developing technologies to reduce environmental impact. Although they have different approaches to making the world a better place, I found that young people have in common a sense of empowerment to change the world and the ability to take action to engage others in solving problems. Students who are willing to make a commitment to improving the world from Okayama are strongly encouraged to seize the opportunity to become part of the OYW family.

Global Discovery Program, third year(When participated in the 2023 summit) NUNO Kokoro

One Young World is the Summit that unites youth who are eager to make positive changes to the world. Throughout the Summit, I had a great oppotunity to meet the young generation of leaders and founders who have already started turning their vision into action. There were young activists who have used their own experiences to raise awareness about the global critical problems while young founders have implemented the power of technology towards the solution. I realized that despite the vision to build a better world can be common, action towards that vision can be different.
If you have a vision to build a better world for everyone to live in, take one step forward toward action by becoming a part of the One Young World community!

Global Discovery Program, second year(When participated in the 2023 summit) AKRAMJONOVA Dilyorakhon Azizbek Kizi