Student representatives attended the One Young World (OYW) 2019 Japan delegation send-off party held at the JT Art Hall Affinis, Tokyo

Two Okayama University students, MATSUMOTO Sota (Junior of the Faculty of Law) and KISHABA Tomoki (Freshman of the School of Medicine), have been chosen as student representatives to participate in the One Young World (OYW) 2019, which is to be held in London, the U.K. from October 22 to 25. On September 18, the two students attended a Japan delegation send-off party held at the JT Art Hall Affinis in Tokyo. Vice President for Global Engagement Strategy, Mr. Atsufumi Yokoi, who also participated in the OYW 2019, attended the party as an observer.  

The party included a speech made by Ms. Lori Henderson, Executive Director at British Chamber of Commerce in Japan and Mr. OKUBO Kimihito, a representative Director of the One Young World Japan Committee, which was followed by a briefing on the OYW 2019 and OYW’s history of celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. During the party, the Japan delegation members interacted with one another and boosted morale for the upcoming event.

At the OYW 2019, Mr. Matsumoto and Mr. Kishaba are expected to discuss various topics within the framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, including climate change, war and peace, education, human rights, leadership and global business. They are also expected to participate in workshops, networking events and other activities related to SDGs.

One Young World

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Ms. Lori Henderson,Executive Director at British Chamber of Commerce in Japan

(from left) Vice President Yokoi, Mr.Matsumoto, Mr. Kishaba and Director of OYW Japan Committee Mr. Okubo

Networking event at JT Hall


Commemorative photo